Swiss Rose Stem Cell
Anti-Aging Skincare

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Why is Dermarose different?

The source of Dermarose’s highly effective formula is the Swiss Rose, a resilient flower that thrives in the most adverse environmental conditions high in the Swiss Alps. The plant’s unique stem cells never undergo an aging process and are equipped with regenerative powers that continuously self-renew. Stem cells obtained from the Swiss Rose have been shown to have the same protective and regenerative effect on human skin cells as they do on the plant's delicate flowers.


Increases Skin Stem Cell Vitality

Dermarose stimulates these cells into action


Boosts Epidermal Regeneration

Swiss Rose Stem Cells boost self renewal


PETA Approved Cruelty Free

Never tested on animals


Paraben Free

No ugly parabens here


Sulfate Free

No unwanted chemicals


Fragrance Free

Fragrances are bad in anti-aging products